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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Due to the immeasurable technology brought by the needs of every person, almost all things to make our life simple are being invented. Harmful effects are natural but needs to minimized or at most, eliminated.

Radio-frequency waves or RF and ultraviolet or UV rays are one of the causes of various types of cancer. Due to ozone depletion, our exposure to these harmful rays greatly contributes to our life. Using our "digital extensions" or our techie devices, it releases small amount of radiation and radio frequency. In the long run, it accelerates the oxidation of our cells. Our body is being bombarded continuously by this harmful emission and generates a cancer cell that rapidly attacks healthy cells. Actually, researchers and scientists conducts large scale study that will link radiation emitted by mobile devices and other gadgets. Studies shows that there is limited amount of radiation but will not completely connects cancer and radiation but long exposure to radiations like gamma rays, ultra-violet rays, and x-rays causes cancer.

As an engineer, I want to invent accessory/accessories that will permanently eliminate and protect us from ultraviolet rays, radiation, and radio frequency completely. It will be in a form of special casing or protective device of any gadget that will completely eradicate the harmful effects of using our gadgets and protective equipment for personnel who are exposed to these environments.

The accessory will be made of specially designed and organic materials like dried coconut shells and bamboo resins. The dried coconut shells will be pulverized and undergo process of purifying the material to meet the property of suppressing minute amounts of harmful radiation. The bamboo resin will be added to complete the setup. The mixture of processed mixture of compressed coconut shells and bamboo resin will be poured inside prefabricated patterns to form different kinds of accessories.

The product will serve as a pilot invention for other large-scale models. For new buildings and other construction, it will protect the whole structure from any amount of harmful radiation. For medical use, it will insulate the x-ray room to prevent the harmful radiation from escaping the room and affecting the medical technicians. And also, complete personal protective equipment (PPE) for engineers and workers inside a nuclear power plants.

We know that COCONUT TREE is coined as “the tree of life.” Extensive research must be conducted to study the other potential benefits of coconut tree.

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