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Monday, September 20, 2010

Lucky? No, Blessed

This is actually my first time to write about something in my Blogspot account. I was so blessed that this first entry is about winning a Phiten Rakuwa Neck S 3 Line necklace for their contest via or their contest page

The drum roll stopped and the winners are

1. Beverly Clavel

2. Rolly P. Nunez

3. Bennett Michelle Hill

4. Kathryn C. Carag

5. Ruel M. Pamaran

which were posted at

Don't forget to email for the details on how we can claim our prize.

Hey! That's my name! Yehey! I am very thankful.

I was very eager to win since I am very obsessed to that product and I am saving my money to purchase it at a big mall one of these days. Luckily, I will never attempt to do that with the same item since I am already a winner.

Now, I am patiently waiting for their instruction in order to claim the said price. I am very excited to wear it on a daily basis and discover how Phiten’s revolutionary RAKUWA Sports Necklace relief my muscle fatigue or pain in the neck and shoulders.

Don't worry if you missed the opportunity to join the said contest because there will be a lot install for us who loves bargain and joining contests. just don't forget to be a member to their fan page and other subscriptions to be informed about the latest sale or events that will surely worth your savings.

Thank you guys and God Bless...

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