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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My 2011 Adventure and Itinerary

The new year 2011 means my new Adventure!
A healthy start
--Our first stop will represent our explorations. Explorations of what? We love eating or food tripping! We will list down all our admired and most talked restaurants and fine dining experience we read and discovered. Once a month, when we will celebrate our special event, we will dig into them!

Casual wear
--Next is my shopping list. Looks very expensive but wait, it is just a wish list for this year. Something to look forward or a small token after a hard work. =)
--Then, my New Year's Resolution? nah!,Bible Quotations, church topics, birthdays galore, anniversaries, do visual photography (sometimes using my 4-year old digital camera)


meetings, project milestones, word of the day for professional life, new exercise routines, calorie diary, diet diary, monthly expenses, monthly dues, business transactions, e-loading record, medical terms, names of the person I met, latest gadgets, useful links, blog backlogs,

Another thesis?
basic formulas for work and profession, the ancient way of saving your contact details or as a phonebook

But for a limited offer:

We want to travel local destination together with my relatives or special someone. Palawan is on to of our list. Only one local destination because we can’t afford to other places because of little budget and hectic schedule.

We dream to fly a plane to get to our favorite destination. We never get any experience to travel by plane.

We don’t want to eat hefty and expensive food in Palawan. All we want to do is invest quality time with each other. But since it is a dream, to taste local delicacies will satisfy our hunger.

Time is as good as gold. Precious time investing with your special someone is PRICELESS DREAM.

This is my official entry to Olukai Philippines What is your 2011 Philippines Contest! Visit Olukai Philippines for other details.

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