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Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Soya Escapade Experience from Soyami at Tourne. The Awarding of the winner for the best Soya Goodness in Every Munch happened last January 25, 2012.

The event was hosted by Mark Nelson and with gorgeous Apple Morales. The successful event was organized by Soyami Team.

Mr. Mark Nelson and Ms. Apple Morales with the Soyami Team
Chef Sandra Hataway of Tourne discussed about SLOW Food, an organization which caters and promote local, organic, and seasonal ingredients for our daily diet.

Ms. Apple, Chef Sandra Hataway, and Mr. Mark
Rensy Magsino, our guest dietitian tackled the value of being fit and healthy. She quote "Food is energy and not fat." which means that we must burn what we eat.

Other sponsors like Treehugger World and Haribon Foundation also participated and do their share with environmental awareness. While FaceOne introduced the newest technology in our country in facial and skin care. And it is about the Swiss formula Stem Cell technology. Using a stem cell from a rare apple, Uttwiler spattlauber rich in epigenetic factors which guarantee the longevity of skin cells. For more information, visit or like FaceOne fan page.

Tourne by Chef Sandra Hataway served delicious meal, all inspired with Soyami. I ate small servings of each dish because I have a small appetite even I'm big. I'm really surprised! The fact that Soya healthy chips can turn a Tourne upside down. A real signature dish made with love.

The night doesn't end without awarding winners of the contest. Paige San Juan, Melanie Cortez-Abuel, and Richard Mamuyac won the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place respectively.

Soyami team will launch a new contest. It will be all about cooking and the details will be up soon. So always watch out for it.

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