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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I visited The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Gateway, Cubao, Quezon City to have a delightful experience of Red Velvet Ice Blended drink.

The color itself is very inviting. The light pink hue topped with whip cream sets new NON-ALCOHOLIC and NON-COFFEE ICE BLENDED DRINK from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
Red Velvet Ice Blended Drink
Remember the red velvet cake during holiday season? You'll find the cocoa flavor, rich vanilla and buttermilk flavor. But no need to worry. The sweet and silky texture meets my sensitive tongue. Have it well-blended or twice blended for the best shoot of this cold delight.

Red Velvet Hot Cocoa
Since it is just an open house event from our host, the treat is one is to one. So, in order to enjoy the Red Velvet Hot Cocoa, I asked their friendly barista to just give me a sip or smell of Red Velvet Hot Cocoa. And not to mention, my tummy is full of the blended one.

The smell is so good! You can really dictate with the tempo if you love cream and froth, this hot drink is definitely for you.

The sweet creamy and chocolate flavors of a red velvet cupcake come to life with new creations of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

You may visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's fan page or visit their website for other concoctions.

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