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Monday, March 12, 2012


I am a Phiten user for almost one year and a half and my first is Rakuwa Neck Sport 3 Line. But at first, I hesitate to wear it because of negative write ups about this body enhancing accessories.

A gift of nature should not be ignored. One of them is readily available from our local stores and kiosks. What is this gift? It is the Aqua-Titanium®.

What is Aqua-Titanium®

Aqua-Titanium® is based upon Phiten technology for making hydro-colloidal metal. Traditionally, titanium is a lightweight and insoluble metal used in medical devices due to its non-corrosive and hypoallergenic properties. However, titanium in its solid state is not suitable for high-intensity, exercise-specific applications; this fact led Phiten to develop Aqua-Titanium®

Aqua-Titanium® is utilized as a dye and embedded into Phiten fabric products such as necklaces and bracelets,shirts, socks, supporters and other accessory and apparel products by permeating individual strands of fiber and becoming a component of the finished product. (from

But as for my experience, Phiten products needs not any introduction. Why? After wearing it for a long time and create an active lifestyle, Phiten really helped a lot.

After a long jogging and running, our muscles tend to become stiff and swollen. Every movement involving lower limbs becomes a Herculean task. For new runners, it is but natural but for elite runners, pain is just a small tweeking of the body.

Accessorizing - More Fun In The Philippines!
Wearing Phiten improves my recovery period. A testimonial from a user who spends weekends running and jogging around the oval and also, doing all household chores. I usually take miles before I stop. But stopping means a lot to me. After a non-stop jogging, my muscle feels the usual pain others also experience.

But do we have to rely on them? NO. But why do I keep on using them? Because my lifestyle needs Aqua Titanium's benefits. If your lifestyle is just a lucrative and inactive lifestyle, Phiten will not work on you for sure.

Here's my collection of Phiten Products + my GC.

Everything We Do, We Do for Your Health
For more information, check the following:
Phiten Philippines Facebook fan page
@Phiten_Phil via Twitter
Tel. Nos. 403.0570 or 403.0572
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