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Thursday, April 26, 2012


krazy garlic_4
bus ticket and a pair of shoes
Just an unexpected event lead us to Greenbelt to satisfy our hunger. To start the dinner right, the yellow and red logo of Krazy Garlik caught our attention.

krazy garlic_3
Al fresco! Our first time to eat outside a local and fine dining restaurants. The staff were very
accommodating and happy. Comfortable seats while enjoying the view of urban escapade with some full grown trees.

krazy garlic_1
We ordered one of their best sellers, Spinach and Cream Cheese. With the looks of it? Very tempting and delicious! Deep fried shredded spinach and cream cheese wanton. They served it on top of iceberg lettuce and soy vinegar sauce with kimchi. The taste? Pretty fine! Specially, when they served it hot of the pan. The special sauce is too special and I used it to savour the other course of the dinner.

krazy garlic_2
hara-kiri on fire!
Hara-kiri, very horrific term for their Krazy Rice specialty. Spicy fried rice mixed with bacon, shrimps, squid, and chillies topped with "siling-labuyo!" Fiery! The spicy flavor is still bearable unless you pop the siling-labuyo. You can eat without a viand but still best served with fresh ground pepper ala Chef Boy! *Ping! Ping! Ping!*

If you love garlic or believes in the powers of it, this restaurant is for you. At Krazy Garlik, garlic is the national vegetable!

Krazy Garlik Makati

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