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Sunday, December 26, 2010

How do I Plan to Plan 2011 with a Planner?


A very timely question before the year ends. --Planning.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Sounds really familiar right? But first, why do I plan to plan 2011 with a planner?

We must start with the roots.

--I do have a problem regarding my lapse of remembering certain event. But right after a spark of light flash through my mind, I remember it right away. So as a tool, I write it to my NOTES.
 A notes is just an application of my cellphone. A very primitive way of writing a short and detailed event.

--Next, I have many untimely appointments and dues. UNTIMELY because I am just aware of it when the date arrives.

--And lastly, I want to resolve my own case. I want all my documents, milestones and time table UPDATED.

The why must turn to HOW. How do I plan to plan 2011 with a planner?

I will write all important dates to remember. On a piece of paper or the back page of the planner, I will list:
1. birth date of my special someones
2. anniversary
3. family events
4. public gatherings with friends

(office related)
1. project milestones
2. on-going projects
3. approved projects
4. pending projects
5. released projects
6. upcoming appointments
7. site inspections
8. itinerary

I will gradually transfer it to the separate pages intended for that particular date. And most specially, I will start January 1, 2011 by writing several topics: --Yesterday, --Today and --Tomorrow as my reminder or alarm. But it is too lengthy. Just apply the word KISS or the words KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE.

Just like,, Cram It! or a link/URL shortener is the best tool for us who loves social networking and blogging. -- VERY STRAIGHT BUT FORWARD. Not just KISS but also LIPS, can be memorized and be shouted out without hefty lines, crazy characters with small and big caps and long characters. Just visit and type your favorite blogpost, url and everything and anything in between.

original post:

using URL shortener:

It is very simple to use,

1. Visit;
2. Copy the url link;
3. Paste the url link to the box;
4. Click CRAM IT!
5. Copy the shortened url to your favorite social networking sites.

--See? Very straight forward with LIPS and sealed with a KISS!

--Plan for the worst and hope for the best, come 2011. Happy New Year!

Cram It!
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