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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Facebook Addiktus Family Party

The night of February 19, 2011 is one of the most memorable night of Facebook Addiktus Family. Sponsored by Republika ng TM, hosted and organized by our very own, Mrs. Sheila Marie Ardales, V8 Baresto and KTV rock like never before.
Our group won to the recently concluded contest of Republika ng TM and as for their gift, they sponsored a party to our group.

The attendees:

Facebook Addiktus Family
Sheila Marie Ardales
Her daughter Nica

Coy Caballes of Globe Telecom
Maya Briones
Resly George Amador
Jaziel Oliveros
Cathy Dacio

Pauline Oyan
Abigail Laprodes Odal
Erica Yu-b
Anthony Bonifacio
Christian Rhoy Bonakid
Janus Paul Dela Cruz
Roy Dela Cruz Kabiling
Jenievie Espino
Matt Suzara
Kristina Esperancilla Indangan
and others that I forgot to mention

First is the opening prayer to bless our food and whole activity hosted by no less than me.

We played "Pinoy Henyo" (a guessing game wherein a small piece of paper posted in the forehead or cap to avoid cheating and the guessing party will ask his/her partner to validate his/her statement by answering "Oo," "Hindi," or "Pwede" (Yes, No, or Maybe)). And the famous "bunutan" game. We won bags and wind breakers from our sponsor.
kainan na sa wakas!!!
at my back...
Then we ate overflowing good food and drinks from V8 Baresto that settled the discrepancy of our tummy after playing.

The next activity is singing-like-a-rockstar thing. It is my first time to sing via the videoke and it was fun!

But as a rule, we are too young to spend the rest of the night and we decided to go home early.

Special thanks to:

Sheila Marie Ardales, without her, our gathering is impossible.
Juan Manila for best photography service. Visit his site and prepare for the big one!
Lastly to Republika ng TM for the wind breakers, bags, pouches, and lanyards as giveaways; sponsoring our party with lots of good food and drinks.
compilation of captured memories from Facebook profile pictures
As a token of friendship, our mommy Sheila prepared a frame wherein our Facebook profile pictures made as an art.


  1. ang saya...sana maulit muli...:)

  2. nice one rolly! til next event!

  3. Thanks Ms. Closing Time at Juan Manila Express!