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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Journal: My 26th Birthday

There are many things that as a former child, I, as a person skipped and let my childish memory left me. Now, as a pre adult, and as I celebrate my 26th birthday, I will bring back some fragment of it! Yahoo!
The Spa
February 10, 2011 was my very first date at The Spa. I used my gift certificate to fund one of my greatest desire ever! The Spa at Trinoma set my first record. I purchased the hand scrub and foot scrub with foot massage.

I was really amazed with their service. As a rookie, I am a bit afraid of what is behind the door. The light came with a locker, key locker, slippers, towel, ginger tea and purified water. First is the shower. The staff offered me to experience the steam bath for 15 minutes so I did. I maximize it to the point that I am willing to extend up to 30 minutes but he told me that is their maximum time limit for that service. Next is another set of hot shower with another towel. He told me that it is time to change costume. A kinky short for men and a bath robe was handed to me. The room for the other service is right beside our room.

I passed through another gate and I saw the chair for 30 minute king for my temporary throne. The spot where the mark begin and ends with an exchange of conversation with the two therapists. It was really a relaxing and pampering experience that I wanted to fell asleep but my talkative mouth didn't want to. Dethrone is the next step I head to my next stop after the treatment. The gift certificate came from a contest of Heaven Ice Cream for about seven months ago. Luckily, it has no expiration and pin code.

California Pizza Kitchen is right beside The Spa were my future wife was waiting for about a minute (after work). We ordered Thai Chicken, Starter, and glasses of service water (free).
Thai Chicken
Nutty barbecue taste with mongo sprouts and carrots came from the pizza and
wonderful flavours of banana, apple cinnamon, chocolate brownies, with a small dip of chocolate syrup, cherry, and whip cream hosted by the dessert. Service water? Hmmm.. Basic. Bill out! Then the staff delivered a hefty small piece of paper. Came a bigger paper, gift certificate of CPK was there for a rescue with another real paper for the tender of their service and food. Then the staff told me that the bigger paper will less all the service charge so it turned down that the real paper was just an extra and small set of coins spared their purpose. But the night didn't stop there. The gift certificate was a prize from HitABargain last month with a free CPK card. Thank you Ms. Ellen of CPK and Ms. Christine of HitABargain!

The night will not end without a sip of good coffee. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf became our haven of coffee madness. We ordered and walked through the isle of pre closing mall to public mass transport to end the day.
Day two greeted me with a Tiramisu birthday cake. February 11, 1985 was the date when I am introduced to the world. As a gift to my special day, oral prophylaxis and dental consultation from my dentist. The next plan is to bring me back to my child-a-like heart. Me and my future wife went to Star City. LRT 1 and 2 brought us to the nearest public transport to the venue. But we went overboard. We passed one station away from it. Out of desparation and weak body, we ate beef pares and chicken mami for refreshment and extra energy and a litre of mineral water. Then ride for another station back.

After we alight the jeep, we replenished our selves to the nearest coffee shop.

Behind bars? Yahoo!
We purchased two ride-all-you-can tickets and tried all the rides aside from kiddie rides.
Basic Roller Coaster
Also, the walk through caves/tunnels for a small transition. The most gruelling part of the ride is the Viking. Since we must try all intense rides, we were disappointed that the water thing ride was under maintenance.

We shared Lumpiang Shanghai meal for dinner and continued our enchanting day. We purchased a token to play a very hard game with law of Physics and as usual, we lost and Star City earned from it. =)
ready to go...
Another batch of service cab and LRT delivered us to their home with 800ml of Babyruth Magnolic ice cream for a small treat that we enjoyed together with her family.

The happy days ended with a sweet smile, laughter, memorable experience and unexplained tumbled stomach. I believe in the saying "Some things money can't buy." Memories of past events may be forgotten but special moments will remain forever.


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  4. Glad you enjoyed your 26th year :) Belated happy birthday!