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Saturday, May 14, 2011


This is really Paradis' (Pah Rah Dee)!!!

Have you eaten a natural ice-cream to the next level? Paradis' will offer you their best tasting natural ice-cream right next to their kitchen. The food concept by Ms. Troy Hatcho, the owner of Paradis.

white and green

The combination of white and light green is perfect for creating good vibes among ice cream lovers. Very neat, clean and cool ambiance. You will also see a bulletin board for their customers wherein you can post any comments and read other customers' remarks about what they can say or experienced inside the store. It is also "not" your typical ice cream parlor. You can taste ALL, and I said ALL their natural ice cream displayed to their chest.

Ow!!! The food line-up. They are serving food from breakfast until our oozy day after work or hitting the gym. From breakfast meals, crokes (crispy open-faced sandwich melt), palettes (flat bread sandwich with tomato based sauce), frenchies (quiche), pasta, salads, smoothies, coffee and vegetable and fruit juice mixes.

just the jar of brown sugar and cafe americano
After work, it is better to sip freshly brewed cafe americano.

The freshly toasted buttered bread is the good with freshly brewed cafe americano or even munch it alone.

toasted bread, Eggflan smoked ham and the salad(clockwise)
The Eggflan smoked ham which is composed of smooth steamed egg with sweet ham strips is a bit odd. To tell you honestly, my taste buds doesn't like it that much. The the egg is a bit raw even the oven cooked it. You cannot eat it alone or not served with salad. It is better tandem with greens.

The salad is great! The deep pink to red tomato jam in it makes it different from other kinds of salads we ever tasted.

coco and vanilla
We picked coco and vanilla. The texture is very unique. Chewy! Yes, I may say that the natural ice cream is chewy . The texture is very thick, consistent and sticky compared to ordinary ice cream. Also, it doesn't melt easily like the traditional sorbete or any available ice cream in the market.

They have wide range of colorful and delightful flavors. From their signature ice cream: Thai Milk Tea, Red Beet and Orange, Chili Chocolate with Saffron, Coco and Vanilla, Malunggay, Wasabi, Chestnut, Chocolate and Tomato, Agasojo, Durian, Red Bean and Black Bean. And their soybet or the protein-packed delight with the help of soya: Green Mango, Watermelon, Lemon Tarragon, Melon, Apple-Celery, Pineapple Rosemary, Passion Fruit-Guava, Raspberry and Peach.

We also tried in the Yolive! A frozen dessert composed of the combination of antioxidant property of olive oil and frozen yogurt. You cannot actually taste the olive oil because the mixture is light. You'll just experience the after-taste because of the frozen-yogurt.

another angle of white and green
Prize range is from PhP95 to Php275.

You may contact (+632)576 0589.

Their address is 1st Floor Unit B Kojack Bldg cor. Sct. Castor, Tomas Morato Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Or you may like their fan page or add their Facebook account.

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