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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After 13 long years of waiting, the unexpected happened. It was an unplanned planned event, hosted by our senior batches, the Third Grand Alumni at Kalumpang Elementary School (open grounds) took place.

KES BATCH 1998 (representatives) with Mayor Del de Guzman

Actually, I arrived a bit late during the event. It started around 3PM but I arrived around 9:30PM after our church gatherings (put God first and He will provide the rest).

the real OLD SCHOOL!!!
I saw different faces and exchanged talks about everything like Ondoy (our trending topic), work status, businesses and family or married life. To tell you honestly, half of them? hmmm... familiar faces but their names? ahhh. No comment.

Senior "groups" of Kalumpang Elementary School starting from "the beginning" joined and participated the live bands, contests, freebies, overflowing food and drinks courtesy of each batch and good music.

the ladies, mommies and mummies.
We hosted several reunions among our batchmates but the attendance is a bit poor. Majority of the regular attendees came from section one.

This is one of the best among the big events of Centennial Batch of Kalumpang Elementary School so you better watch out!

For more pictures, visit KES Centennial Batch Reunion + Grand Alumni gallery.

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