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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am very honored to greet you a Happy Birthday!!! This is my official blog to greet you a Happy happy Birthday!!!

at Para dis, Tomas Morato
An honor? But why? Of all the people who's very close to my heart, you're in my priority list (but the standing? You know it, personally).

empty box
This is your special day to celebrate the birth of your physical body. A gift from God and also our gift. Me, your parents, relatives, friends, friends-a-like and even enemies.

You are special because:

1. You are God fearing,

Manila Collective at Cubao X
2. You are helping, caring and loving to your parents,

3. You are a responsible daughter,

4. You are very kind, friendly, cuddley and very childish,

5. You know me a lot,

6. You'll always be beautiful, in my eyes (one of my favorite lines of that song),

Munting Buhangin, V2.0, Nasugbu, Batangas
7. You showed me the importance of our relationship,

8. You are chubby,

9. You are versatile,

10. You are tolerant,

11. You are sweet,

12. You make of laugh,

13. You are my no. 1 fan,

Army Navy at Tagaytay
14. I am your number villain,

15. You are trustworthy,

16. You are thrifty,

17. You are diligent,

18. You are intelligent,

19. You have a lot of common sense,

20. You are thoughtful,

21. You are caring to me,

22. You are my bestfriend,

23. You are my favorite,

24. You are my reason to stay here,

Of many reasons stated above, don't forget to take GOOD CARE of yourself. Have some time to rest, pamper, throw away all your burden, and have some fun with me or your family which I also consider as my family.

So once again, happy birthday and God Bless!

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