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Friday, April 29, 2011

Alter Space

Our virtual step to reduce CARBON FOOTPRINT...

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Everyone really contributes to the production of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas that causes global warming.

A pilot of an airplane has two different tasks, the take off is not the hardest part but the landing itself.

Ray of Light
Our duty as a human in preserving the environment to avoid our destruction means a lot of -effort, -energy, -time, -discipline, -concern, -commitment, -perseverance, -love and -help of God.

make a MOVE! For us, for our FUTURE!
The most famous way is tree planting activities. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) work hand-in-hand with local and non-government organizations even the private company as their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our efforts are not enough if other people will just act as an audience. Just clapping their hands for the job well done maligns their good works pertaining to good publicity. All efforts must not come to us but TO ALL OF US who will benefit the said activity.

Water is LIFE and FUTURE...
Not all of us can plant seedlings and take care of them. We can join different organizations that promotes the wellness of the environment by means of reducing our carbon emission, promotes good and proper hygiene, garbage segregation, proper waste disposal, recycling, reducing and re-using non-toxic items, cleaning our sewage system and among other simple things that can be done with the things I mentioned above.

sa Isang Araw Lang
We can donate to charitable institutions that will help and make our mission possible. The men and women behind them will be our key player to utilize the funds for the project, not for own profit and wrong intentions.


Social networking continuously helps marketing industry in terms of bringing other people, places, products, events and even environment closer.

bloggers UNITE!
The FORCE MULTIPLIER. Opening the minds of every blogger to promote the wellness of our environment is easier than posting an expensive advertisement via billboards. Once every Filipino read about it, they'll become more concerned than before. Why? Reading a long article is tedious from someone who spends a busy life working and fulfilling his goal. Allotting time to scrutinizing every short line about our articles keeps our spirit burning.

Alter Space
-the 1st Filipino environmental awareness game on Facebook that teaches us on how to live like a responsible human being. By reducing the carbon footprint, we are preparing our future for the best place to live with.

Here are some tips from the game of Alter Space on how to conserve energy or lower carbon emissions:

1. If you are buying a new TV, do consider buying an LCD instead of the classic CRT.LCD's may cost more but they are more energy efficient by up to 200%, saving you more in the  long run.

2. Shut down the computer whenever possible or switch it to sleep mode instead of leaving it idle.

3. Whenever you can fill your house with sunlight, do it. It is free and does not consume any power.

4. Sun jars have small LEDs inside. powered by small batteries which are charged via exposing it to direct sunlight. Hence the 'capturing the sunlight' effect.

5. Proper insulation can cut air conditioning costs; make sure you properly use blinds, curtains and drapes to block direct sunlight.

6. Replace your iridescent light bulbs with LEDs whenever possible, it uses less power and lasts longer.

7. Defrost your refrigerators and freezers regularly. The build up of ice makes it harder to sustain cold temperature, therefore consuming more power.
tips at Alter Space is as simple as pointing the appliances!
8. Showering consumes more water than bathing with a pail and a dipper. Use the latter when possible.

9. Fix leaky faucets in your home; a drop per second can amount to 200 gallons of wasted water in a month.

For other tips, you may visit our ECONOMY'S BLOOD, Meralco.
Electricitips teaches us the techniques to lower our consumption of electricity to even more reduced our carbon footprint.

The will to start something out of reading is not just a talent but also a gift. GIFT FROM GOD.

Lovely scene from our Supreme Being...
Do not just help US; help our future generations and our mother Earth.
Hurry and save our Earth.

Isang Araw Lang photos from their blog.
Meralco's website for Electricitips
Alter Space Facebook fan page, Alter Space's Team for the video of Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao.


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  6. The most powerful game to decrease the effect of global warming every online users should play, practice and be involve in information dissemination.

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  9. Yap it is a good thing na ang ginagawa ng government and other sector is planting trees but somehow, there is a tendency na hindi pa rin ito sapat habang tumatagal iba na talaga nangyayari.

  10. It's nice there are a lot of people and organizations who take time to do something about conservation of our natural resources, and these networking sites really help in spreading the word. Unlike before that you still need to spend a lot of money just to spread out your agenda or you have to organize a rally or event, now, almost everything is just a click away.

  11. nice tips!! i enjoy reading =)